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The problems at the time of the Victorian Age

We will talk about children during Victorian Age.

- Victor Hugo knew how to highlight the various aspects of childhood in the XIXth century.

Children wereexploited in the Victorian Age. They were abused by the rich.The rich had a lot of food. The children could work from 8 years old…They were hired in factories and their work was very difficult furthermore they could work until 15 hours and their life expectancy was about 20 years.

The poor children had acces to nothing and worked in very painful conditions and in workhouses.They were sad,unhappy.



-The movie "Oliver Twist"











On the other hand the rich children were fed well and had a good education,a school at home.

The rich children took advantage of their money.They had everything they wanted.The girls had pretty dresses and the boys had luxury suits.They were happy!



Everyone was not equal, they had ups and downs.